Patrick Turner Studios


With more than two decades of experience, the studio offers a variety of illustration, design and 3D services. More than that, the studio has been honing the craft in these areas to “cover” and “feature” quality levels. The work is trusted by North Americas largest book, magazine and game publishers, ad agencies, architects, film studios and anyplace where professional quality illustration and design is required.

The studio produces art and design for:

  • Advertising art
  • Product Imaging
  • Book (covers)
  • Book (interiors)
  • Architectural Rendering
  • Magazine (cover and interior)
  • CD cover art
  • Comic Covers
  • Concept Art
  • Editorial (covers)
  • Editorial (interiors)
  • Editorial (online)
  • Film Posters
  • Gaming Illustration (Computer and Tabletop)
  • Private Commissions for Fine and Commercial Art

Browse the galleries and see the range and level of art available. As a commercial illustrator/designer, my goal is to produce the highest level of visual communication on any theme you may have. I’ve been doing that for 25 years.

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Call the studio at:  604.929.7158