Artist Bio

About the Artist

Vancouver Artist & Illustrator Pat Turner, is known internationally for his versatile, detailed and hyper-realistic style. With a classical training in traditional art media and a long history in digital and 3D media, he combines traditional painting methods with digital 3D artwork and design.

Pat has experience in most areas of the Graphic Arts. His early career involved graphic and package designer and producing advertising design and Illustration. He worked on many major advertising campaigns as an airbrush illustrator during the 80’s and 90’s and moved into 3D modeling when that field started to offer a reasonable alternative to the quality of his airbrush art. His airbrush work in the field of advertising art was aided by years spent learning tricks of lighting with the advertising Industry’s professional photographers and his 3D work enjoys a rich history as a traditional illustrator.

A mid-career artist, Pat divides his time between commercial illustration pursuits and a fine art career. His work is most often seen on the covers of books, magazines and games in the science fiction, fantasy and military arenas. While still very much involved in graphics and imaging for business, he is open to creative fine art ventures that allow him to apply his eye for detail and realism.

Commissions for both Commercial Illustration/Design and Fine Art work are welcome.

His client list includes:

Ad Agencies: Omnicom, McCann, JWT, BBDO, DDB,
Book, magazine, game publishers: Baen Books, ACE, Bantam, Airforce Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Science Magazine, Maxim Magazine, TIME, Activision, Sierra, Dreamcatcher,
Corporate: Shell, Lockheed, Curtiss Wright, Universal Film, Bank of Hong Kong, Phillip Morris, ATT, AutoDesk/AutoCAD, Zygote Models, Universal Studios, Destineer Studios, Virginia Air and Space Center, USS Saratoga Museum Foundation, Henninger Productions, Foundation for the Future, DaVinci Institute, Museum of Innovation, Contour Entertainment,  U.S. Navy Info Ctr, JIL Naval Information Systems (simulations), Maple Leaf Studios, CP Rail

His skills include:

– traditional and digital paint techniques,
– book cover illustration (Science fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Historical, YA, Science and Technical)
– 3D modeling/rendering (for high resolution print and the web),
– architectural rendering,
– image-retouching,

– graphic design
– concept art  /  character and environment design
. . . and more.

The artist on-board a CF 18 with 410 Squadron and the flight line at Cold Lake, AB.

Artist aboard CF18